Principal's Corner
  • Mrs. Bernice Martin, Principal

     Greetings Students and Parents,

    As the principal of Turner County Middle High School, I welcome the opportunity to serve you.  Our goal is to provide a quality education to all students.  We have an open door policy and look forward to working collaboratively to keep students progressing. 

    Our main purpose is teaching and learning using researched-based strategies. We will enhance our efforts by providing rigorous instructions along with remedial support when warranted.  We encourage you to be actively involved in helping to ensure that students are college and career ready upon graduating.  Your support is greatly needed and appreciated.  

    You are also encouraged to keep abreast of school activities by visiting our website and visiting the school.  We urge you to attend our school functions such as athletic events, honor programs, open house and musicals.  Our students are very proud to see you and other community stakeholders when you show up and support their efforts.

    I want to truly expressed my philosophy that "students are the most valuable asset in the school and their success is my top priority."  

    I have attached our mission to the phrase, "Our motivation is GRADUATION". This theme will be echoed throughout the school starting from 6th grade all the way up to 12th grade.  My belief is that if students think they can; they will.  If we think they can, they will. So, please help us by reinforcing the importance of education and by latching on to and communicating our theme:

     "Our motivation is Graduation"

    Thank You,

    Mrs. Bernice Martin, Principal